Stress Management on the Run!

Wait a second, what does that mean?  Can you manage stress on the run?  Seriously, these two ideas seem to be diametrically opposed.  However, most of modern living seems to be on the run.  You’re late to work.  You’re late to pick up the kids.  You’re late a baseball game.  You’re late in meeting a deadline.  It seems that our modern lives are spent on the run.  So how can you manage stress on the run?

Let’s start with S-T-O-P.  Ok, I meant, STOP!!!!  No really, stop for a moment.  Take a pause.  While driving, walking, or riding public transportation to your next destination, turn off that mind of yours.  Stop thinking.  You can manage stress anywhere you are by changing your internal milieu.  B-R-E-A-T-H-E.  How many of you are really taking deep breaths.  When you’re rushing everywhere, you’re not taking deep breaths.  Most likely, you’re living in a shallow breathing pattern which builds an armour of protection around you.  So stop and take a deep breath.  You can do this anywhere.  Unfocus your mind, let go of thought, and TAKE A DEEP BREATH.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed, unfocused, scattered, or ungrounded, all I do is stop and take 3 deep breaths.  Immediately, it lowers your heart rate, fires up your calming parasympathetic nervous system, and takes you out of your mind (where stress resides) and back into your body. 

So, STOP, UNFOCUS YOUR MIND, and TAKE 3 DEEP BREATHS…….. This is one strategy to manage stress on the run.

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