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Beyond the usual Triggers for Migraine Sufferers, a Food Elimination Diet may Hold the Clues to a Cure.

Casey is 27 years old, and has had migraines since she was a teenager.  They first started when she was in college, but they only occurred infrequently then — usually around stressful periods, like final exams.  She would get a … Continue reading

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What’s Good for the Earth, is Good for your Health!

It’s Earth Day — 40 years in the making, but are we better off than we were 40 years ago?  The world of convenience has taken over, and unregulated industry has created a lot of things that make our lives … Continue reading

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Vitamin D — it’s more than just for bones. It may save your life!

Vitamin D is not really a vitamin as originally defined – “vital amines” are substances that act as co-factors (i.e. helpers) for the body’s enzymes.  It turns out that Vitamin D is really a steroid (read “fat-soluble” so it can … Continue reading

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Infrared Technology and Body Detoxification

While at the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2010 Conference, I happened upon a booth by a company called The Biomat Company, which produces mats that can are heated by infrared technology.   Infrared rays are part of the … Continue reading

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Cleanse your Body, Renew your Spirit

As the word “spring” implies, it is about movement — springing forth.  As the trees grow green again, the tulips and flowers sprout, we see all around us that spring is about renewal.  So many of our problems in Western … Continue reading

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