The “Aaaahhhh….” Breath. Laugh and be tension-free!

The breath is such an important tool to help keep us grounded and reduce tension.  This is a breath I like to do with my son, which is both useful in reducing tension/stress and funny at the same time.  1) Take a full, deep diaphragmatic breath through your nose, 2) Hold for 1 -2 seconds, 3) Breath out through your mouth while voicing an audible “Aaahhhhh…..” until you run out of breath like a lion yawning (the goal is to outlast the other), 4) Repeat several times (2-3 times).

Pausing and doing this breath for a few cycles can actually recharge your cells, and allow you to release any pent-up nervous tension or anxiety.  The best part, is watching my 6 y/o do it and laugh as we do it.  Anything that generates laughter is also healthy, and releases those feel-good chemicals, such as endorphins, that help us have less pain and feel happy.

So, the next time your day gets too stressful and serious, do the “Aaahhhhh….” breath with a friend, with your children, or your partner.   The best part is that it can end with a heart-warming chuckle!!

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5 Responses to The “Aaaahhhh….” Breath. Laugh and be tension-free!

  1. Amy says:

    I love that this is a fun take on what is usually a serious/quite breathing exercise. I bet more people will try this with their kids than by themselves! Ahhhhhhhh!

    • pedremd says:

      Yes, and it’s a great way to involve your kids in an activity that is good for them. Have them do it with you, then ask them how it makes them feel. Connecting with the healing power of the breath at a young age is a powerful tool for the rest of a lifetime.

  2. Love this. So simple, yet such a good idea. And I’m already smiling at the thought of all that laughter and bursts of serotonin. Thanks!

  3. Ronnie says:

    A boost to the day!!!! Actually smiled the whole time while doing this simple exercise…….envisioning a memory of doing things like that for fun and getting hysterical with friends and family

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