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The Flu Vaccine: New Information You Should Know

Flu season is upon us, and once again you are faced with the dilemma: should you get a flu vaccine or not?   Are there other flu prevention strategies that may work just as well or better?  Well, recent studies have … Continue reading

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Rebuttal to Vitamin E Study and Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

Life Extension posted a rebuttal to the SELECT study.  I think it’s interesting to read their viewpoint, so I posted here for my readers.

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Rebuttal to the Recent Study on Supplements and Mortality in Older Women

So should you take any supplements?  The answer to this question cannot be based on broad generalizations made from singular studies.  I believe this is an ongoing conversation with your doctor, who hopefully sees him or herself as a team … Continue reading

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Should You Take Supplements?

If you’ve read my prior posts, you know that I recommend supplements and herbs for all types of uses from keeping your bones strong, to staying healthy during the winter season.  So, I’m sure you were baffled if you read … Continue reading

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