Dr. Pedre’s Holiday Wellness Gift Basket

As the holidays approach, and you’re thinking of gifts to get your loved ones and friends, I have put together a wellness gift basket full of ideas to help keep you healthy and well during the coming year.  Holiday pampering is about treating yourself to something that makes you feel good, so why not also invest in something that will enhance your sense of well-being?  I scoured the internet for my favorite wellness gift ideas this holiday season.  These products are environmentally-friendly and will help you stay healthy in the coming year.

Love Nature NYC Tea Tree Mint Hand & Body WashTEA TREE MINT HAND & BODY WASH

For personal care, one of my favorite natural product makers, Love Nature NYCTM, makes products for your health and home using natural and organic ingredients.  All the products are free of harsh chemicals, including “fragrance,” an ingredient in many products that is actually derived from petroleum.  Only natural and organic oils, emollients and botanicals are used.

A refreshing recommendation from this eco-conscious company, the 100% natural Tea Tree Mint Hand & Body Wash, offers innate anti-bacterial properties from its infusion of tea tree essential oil and a mind-clearing, revitalizing effect from a touch of peppermint essential oil.  It will leave you feeling uplifted, clean and moisturized.


Everyone suffers from tension, aches or pains in a muscle or joint at some point.  Regular heating pads may expose your body to dangerous electromagnetic radiation with poorly-penetrating, superficial heat, but the infrared rays from the Infrared Heating Pads by TherasageTM penetrate deeply, up to 2-3 inches, to provide optimal relaxation and relief to achy muscles with minimal exposure to EMFs.

Far-infrared is one my favorite ways to ease body pain.  It also provides the following benefits: improved blood circulation, stimulating the dilation of blood vessels to bring more oxygen to joints and extremities to speed healing of sprains and strains, and relief of stress and tension.

As an added plus, the infrared material increases the rate of negative ions in your nearby vicinity, exposing you to their calming effect by increasing alpha brain waves.  Research has shown that negative ions, such as the ones found at the seashore or by a waterfall, help balance the nervous system.  Everyone can benefit from the dual pain and anxiety relief offered by Therasage’s infrared heating pads.


Re-energize yourself and beat the winter blues with the Philips goLITE BLU, a portable light that shines blue like a clear, cloudless sky.  Many of us, including myself, experience a dip in energy levels and mood by mid-winter.  But, a blue light in the spectrum most favorable to your eyes’ retinal receptors without the dangerous UV rays, is a great way to restore your summer vitality.  A study[1] showed an improvement in mood scores in people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a low mood believed to be caused by the dark winter days.

Use regularly during winter mornings, starting with 15 min daily, and progressively adding 5 min every few days as tolerated to a maximum of 45 minutes.


Get healthy in 2013 by starting a jogging/running program!  A GPS running watch can become a potent motivating companion by tracking your results, and letting you know when personal bests are surpassed.

Make every mile count with Garmin’s Forerunner® 10, a GPS-enabled watch that keeps track of your speed/pace, distance and calories-burned.  The watch provides motivating feedback with current time/distance run, an alert when you complete each mile, and even notifies you of personal records, like fastest mile run.

Using Garmin ConnectTM, you can get useful details, see your run on a map, and share with friends.  Get inspired, and start tracking your workouts!

[1] Anderson, J. et al. Acta Psychiatr Scand 2009 120: 203-12

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