Holistic Sunburn Relief

With summer here, and a very hot Memorial Day weekend, some of us may be ushering in the change in the seasons with a sunburn.  Of course, the best approach for treating a sunburn is prevention with sunblock, SPF 15 or above, or staying out of the sun on very hot, sunny days.  However, if you’re past that point, and your skin is red and on fire, how do you treat it?

Well here’s a holistic solution that you can make yourself, and mix in an empty spray bottle.*

Holistic sunburn spray:

4 -6 oz.  100% Aloe vera liquid extract (at room temperature)

20 drops Lavendar pure essential oil

20 drops Tea tree pure essential oil

20 drops Peppermint pure essential oil**

Mix the aloe juice and oils in a spray bottle.   Shake to mix well.   Spray the mixture over sunburned skin several times a day.  If you want extra cooling you can cool down the mixture in the refrigerator.  The peppermint oil itself has a cooling effect, and the lavendar has a calming effect on the skin.  Tea tree leaves have been used as a medicinal by Australian aborigines.  Tea tree oil is known to have antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Apply the cooling spray mist to the skin.  Then with your skin still moist, apply a moisturizer, like Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion.   This will help you attain quick relief from sunburned skin.

* You can find an empty spray bottle at your local pharmacy or drug store.

** The rest of the ingredients are best found at a health food store.

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2 Responses to Holistic Sunburn Relief

  1. The suggestions will be very helpful for my wife. Thank you.

  2. The most beneficial solution we have found yet. thanks

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